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Release the hidden value in your EPOS

Benefits of DART

About Dart

What is DART?

DART has one purpose; to help release the hidden value in your EPOS data. It does this by pooling all the data available to you in retailer systems, then uses smart algorithms to identify opportunities and predict what's going to happen next. This is all packaged in action led, user experience focused platforms for both Head Office and Field users.

Field teams use DART to optimise their coverage. Alerts and sales analysis identify where the biggest opportunities are and directs users to specific value adding locations in store, saving them time and eliminating wasted visits.

Head Office teams use DART to empower their commercial and supply chain teams. It drives growth by enabling them to make informed decisions, based on easy to read and up to date data. DART easily identifies trends, opportunities, tracks performance and establishes actions that deliver sales growth.

How DART Works

What DART delivers

All seeing

DART uses all of the available retailer data every day to evaluate the scale of sales growth opportunity and the priorities that will unlock it. This is a key driver of accuracy, ensuring that when your teams are directed towards an opportunity they can do something about it.

Predicts the Future

Constantly evaluating all of the available data and learning from trends enables DART to predict the future so that your teams can see what will happen if no action is taken. This means they can prevent sales being lost before an issue occurs.

Smart Algorithms

Our smart algorithms make sure that when your teams take an action, it's guaranteed to deliver a real benefit to your business. DART helps your teams improve availability, distribution, NPD speed to market, promotional performance and display through a set of algorithms that turn all the available data into clear direction.

Action led user experience

Whether in Head Office or in the Field, the user interface and experience that your teams get with DART ensures they can quickly see and action the opportunities that will make the biggest difference.


Welcome to DART

What DART Delivers

Delivering up to 70% improvement in the sales uplift generated by field sales.

DART enables Field and Head Office to deliver this level of sales benefit by directing teams to the biggest opportunities to improve execution.
DART has been proven to deliver:

  • 45% improvement in the number of bookstocks rectified in-store
  • Over 100% improvement in fixture capacity gains made
  • 22% increase in out of stocks filled in-store
  • 28% increase in shop floor displays sited

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